Melodii de plans after the ex...

Fiind addicted 2 music, m-am gandit sa fac niste topuri de melodii.De toate pentru oricine...
Idee preluata de la Liviu
Ordinea melodiilor este aleatorie.
Primul top este pentru dezamagirile in dragoste.Nu va faceti griji.Totul va trece!!!

Melodii de plans after the ex...
Made by Jo
  1. Julio Iglesias-Manuela
  2. George Michael-Careless Whisper
  3. Mariah Carey-Can't live without you
  4. Mariah Carey-My all
  5. Celine Dion-All by myself
  6. Craig David - Walking away
  7. Guns'n Roses - Don't cry
  8. Justin Timberlake-Cry me a river
  9. No Doubt-Don't speak
  10. Rod Steward-I don't want to talk about it
  11. Berlin-Take my breath away
  12. Chris De Burgh-Words don't come easy
  13. Muse-Soldier's poem
  14. Blue-Sorry seems to be the hardest word
  15. Bonnie Tyler-Totaled eclipse of the heart
  16. Whitney Huston-I will always love you
  17. Iron&Wine-Flightless bird,Aerican Moouth
  18. Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You
  19. Brian Adams-Have you really loved a women
  20. Michael Bolton - When a man love a women

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  1. mersi, chiar aveam nevoie de asa ceva...:((

  2. ai uitat last christmas a lui george michael


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